Frequently Asked Questions


Currently, online counseling is being offered at Rs. 1499 for Nepal-based clients and USD $19.99 for clients living outside Nepal. In-person sessions cost Rs. 2100. Sessions have good discounts when bought in bulk ( package).

Simply click the “Book Now” button to begin.
In order to book a session, go here and please select the date and time that suits you before making the payment to reserve your time. You will then immediately receive an email verification and you will be able to find the appropriate Zoom-link for the session in your Dashboard.

Not everyone may require professional help. But there is no harm in checking. Please sign up for our initial consultation so that our professional therapists may determine your need.

We and our platform adhere to the highest professional standards of privacy. All information is stored on a proprietary software-based in the USA that is designed for therapists and follows the HIPPA (American standards to protect sensitive  patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s  consent or knowledge.). Notes from the consultations are only accessible to the mental health professional, and none of these may be shared without the patient’s signed consent.

Sessions are 50 minutes each. 

Therapy for sure isn’t here to ‘fix’ you. We are not dolls or mechanical automatons that may be ‘fixed’ or ‘unfixed.’ The whole idea that these helps are designed to ‘fix’ one is a dangerous one, since we must remember first of all that we are not broken. We can’t be broken, truly. So, what does Therapy do then?

Therapy is meant to help us uncover the underlying issues, to understand them and equip us with new skills with which we may embark on a process of change which will allow us to improve our health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and achieve our full potential. Psychology has been a major field of study and thought for thousands of years; and people, scientists, doctors have studied human emotions and responses for just as long. In the sessions with your counsellors, who are essentially your doctors of emotions, through conversations, you will be able to identify triggers, stressful events, and how to manage them.

They will help you also to identify root causes and then derive a practical and reasonable plan for you to address them. This isn’t just opinion-based, for you will be presented with scientific methods to face and tackle the specific struggles. Therapy is meant to make us feel heard and supported so that we may not find ourselves lost in the dark and may devise ways to face challenges, engage in meaningful daily activities, build relationships and make healthy, informed choices.

This is first and foremost an investment you make on yourself and there is no hard-and-fast rule. Therapy isn’t a pill that permanently cures your problems after the one time you take it. There are several approaches and time-frames since our emotions are incredibly complex and we all have such unique experiences.

The duration of a counselling session may range from a few weeks to months and years, while some like to take occasional sessions every year. This is entirely dependent on the individual and the type of issue –– and may only be decided personally by the individual and the counsellor. Mankaa Kura never interferes in your therapy plans with your therapist, and nor do we request a ‘fast’ or a ‘slow’ therapy for anyone. You and your counsellor decide together on the number and length of the session.

Please reach out to us at We are here to provide you with the best experience and will do everything to accommodate. Also, do leave us any feedback you would consider important for us to avoid counsellor mismatch in the future.

Unfortunately, we do not offer cancellations or refunds. However, you will be able to change your session date  and time as long as you inform 24 hours in advance. If you do not show up to a session without information, the session will be considered consumed. We always make exceptions for genuine emergencies.


As we are based in Nepal and centred towards Nepali population across the globe, we do not accept insurance. However, at $14.99 our cost is much less expensive than most copayments since therapy costs can range from anywhere around $80 to $300 per session.

We are based in Nepal and are legally compliant to the laws here.  Our counselors are trained in the cultural context of Nepal. While some of our counselors lived abroad and even got their education abroad, their experience has been of a Nepalese expat.  If a client does not have any connection to Nepalese culture, it might be difficult for our counselors to understand what they are going through. This platform is primarily for Nepalese people and for people connected to the Nepalese culture. 

Pursuant to our beliefs and  Nepal’s anti-discrimination laws, we do not ask about a client’s nationality as it is not a condition for recieving service.

We are available 24/7

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