About Us

At the heart of Mankaa Kura is the belief that one must have the easiest access to the right kind of help and support during any period of emotional and mental upheaval. Among us are the stories of being bullied; long years in boarding-schools; studying abroad and having the most horrid time adjusting new realities and lifestyles. Some have loved deeply; fought with self-harm; and some have struggled to – quite simply – figure things out.

More importantly, we understand what it is like to try and find our own peace of mind –– and also to have no access to the help and support when we needed them the most. We weren’t sure how much to believe in therapy or counselling, especially considering its inflated cost, sometimes upwards of $300 at many destinations. But for those of us who eventually managed to try therapy –– it was life changing!


Of course, the overturn was not overnight, but over time, we were able to see marked changes in our thoughts, our situations, our outlook. One was able to finally leave the dorm-room and take a walk. One could finally find the motivation to turn in an assignment that was way overdue!  It was a truly liberating experience, to be able to wake up in the morning and say, ‘Today I shall achieve this, or that.’

We now want to help you find similar encouragement and the road to changing Your life. A balance is of utmost importance in our hectic lives and sometimes it comes in the form of a listening ear. And You deserve understanding and support. You deserve care. The thing about Mankaa Kura is that help is only a click away.

Our Mission

We experience a wide range of emotions on a daily basis. In fact, even from one minute to the next, we feel so much. There is joy, happiness, sometimes just a long stretch of meh, and even pain, heartbreaks, exhaustion not just of the body but also of the mind. Some of these, sure, they help us learn, help us grow, become better people –– but then there are so many others, like anxiety, depression, mood swings that are more violent, crippling, and unnecessary than helpful.

But we at Mankaa Kura also believe that there is help out there –– help that is a shoulder to lean on when we are stressed, when we are struggling to understand our own emotions, when we so desperately want unbiased guidance and a listening ear. Help to show us what to expect from relationships, whether romantic or otherwise.

Help through a difficult breakup, for example –– or when we are feeling quite simply lost in life; or when we need to curb an impulsive behaviour such as compulsive shopping, binging, hoarding, excessive drinking, etc. Why not share our cares; why not talk about our mankaa kura when sometimes all we want is for someone to help us organise ourselves better, to learn to be happy, and to be in control of our emotions and ourselves?

We are on a roll to drive all the negative connotations that are embedded in our society regarding mental health, and to break down the cost barriers that may be keeping you from a joyous and healthier life.

Our Vision

Nepal where one can freely talk about mankaa kura emotional well-being and healthcare, where one can care about these without having to come across prying, judgemental eyes. We care for aches, bruises, cuts and ailments on our physical body all the time; let’s also normalise taking care of aches and pains that are much deeper inside. 

To create this platform where one can choose and find the suitable healthcare that is also affordable to millions of Nepalis. To help grow as individuals and acquire skills that can enable us to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Also: no more long waiting in the backlogs, but a service that is readily available when you need it.